Group Travel

Group Travel

Participating in a group travel senior tour is a great way to meet new people with similar likes and dislikes; it is also a safe alternative to independent travel. Group travel is defined either by the combination of different groups of people (i.e. different couples), or by many people traveling in one party together (i.e. a family, wedding party, anniversary, etc.). There are group travel deals for both kinds of group travel, as mentioned below.

Group Travel Planning

Group travel planning depends on the type of group travel you are pursuing. If you are participating in a senior trip for a retirement party, anniversary, or other event, multiple aspects of the planning have to be taken under consideration that wouldn’t normally be involved in a trip of 1-4 people. Some of which include

  • What location will please everyone?
  • What kind of transportation are we using? Are we all traveling together?
  • Where can we find group travel deals for hotel accommodations? Should we consider all-inclusive resorts?
  • What activities can the group do as a whole and what activities are there for individuals?
  • How is everyone getting food- together, separately? Should we bring food or buy there?
  • Do we need to make reservations in advance for groups at restaurants we want to try in the area?

There are countless other questions that need to be addressed with group travel; most questions will depend on what kind of senior trip you are taking. For example, if it is a retirement destination an important question would be are presents being brought on the trip or left at home? These and other questions can be answered online. A good site to use is

If you are trying to participate in group travel tours, most of these questions are answered for you by the tour company. Your decision making skills will be called upon in deciding which group travel tour to participate in.

Group Travel Tours and Packages

Group travel tours can be with one large group, a small group tour, or combine groups of many different independent travelers. Group travel tours have a number of benefits to them:

  • The companies find the hotel, transportation and food arrangements for you
  • Most activities planned have something “extra” that you wouldn’t get if you booked individually
  • Senior tour groups tend to get better deals because they book things like hotel rooms in bulk
  • Customized itineraries that are already tailor-made for group travel
  • Destination management services

There are group travel tours for almost any destination in the world. Some focus on bringing a tour to a specific location; others focus on activities and others focus on an event. To find some of the highest rated senior tour companies, check out our blog entitled SmarterTravel’s Top 4 Senior Tour Companies.

Group Travel Deals and Discounts

As previously mentioned, one of the greatest advantages of group travel are the deals and discounts one can accumulate along the way. From buying luggage in bulk, to airline group travel deals and hotel discounts, the amount of group travel deals available seems to be endless… if you keep your eyes open!

The first thing to keep in mind when booking transportation and hotel arrangements for group travel is timing. Make sure you book your trip a few months in advance. The months before a major holiday have cheaper travel deals than the deals they will have closer to the date. For example, group travel deals for Christmas time are more abundant in the fall months of September and October than in November.

Here are some tips to take full advantage of group travel deals and discounts:

  • Try to fly nonstop out of a popular airline hub
  • If you do have to connect somewhere, try flying on off-peak days of the holiday and avoid hubs that get frequent weather delays
  • Search multiple websites to find the best group travel deals. and both have discounts readily available for group travel

Above all remember to have fun on your group trip. Experiencing a new country or city with friends and family make it that much more memorable and exciting.