Senior Discount Airfare

Senior Discount Airfare

Senior travel deals can be best taken advantage of in the air. Senior discount airfare is one of the best bargains out there for seniors and airfare alike. No other demographic has the kinds of flight discounts seniors have.

The senior airfare discounts are so popular with seniors because seniors have what other groups don’t have: time. Flying during off-peak days is already discounted, but on top of deals from the AARP and other senior groups, some of the senior airfare discounts are practically a steal! Airplanes are one of the safest forms of senior transportation, and with senior airfare discounts, flying is a hard option to look over.

AARP Senior Discount Airfares

Before you even look into senior discount airfare deals, make sure you are part of the AARP. Many discounts are only applicable if you are a member. The AARP Travel Center powered by Expedia has a Trend Tracker tool that can help you evaluate the least expensive flights (and hotels) in the timeframe you want to travel.

Along with the senior airfare discounts AARP can give you, they have information on when to book your flight, how to use your frequent flier miles to their greatest advantage, how to fly through airport security, and other useful information that can make your flight a more enjoyable (and cheaper) experience.

Senior Discount Airfares vs. Regular Discounts

According to, many airlines offer senior discount airfare booklets that are sold as four one-way tickets; others offer a fixed percentage off the fare (usually 10 percent). However, many of the airlines’ regular discount fares are cheaper than senior fares. In fact, you may find that senior airfare discounts are not necessarily cheaper than the already low fares out there.

However, there are certain advantages of senior airfare discounts. Senior airfare discounts usually have minimal restrictions on them. They tend to be refundable and can be used for last minute deals, unlike other discount packages. If health issues arise, the availability to cancel and reschedule flights can be a type of luxury for many seniors.

Senior Discount Airfares

Here are some of the most up-to-date senior airfare discounts that some of the major American airlines are offering:

  • Southwest Airlines: offers seniors 65+discounts that vary from city to city. These discounts are fully refundable and transferable
  • American Airlines: senior discount airfares are only available on domestic flights for seniors 65+
  • United Airlines: offers senior discount airfares to seniors 55+ along with discounts from programs affiliated with the airline, such as senior travel deals on hotels and resorts through Silver Wings Plus
  • Continental: 65+ seniors are offered senior discount airfares to select destinations

Remember, as with any flight, you need to have a valid government ID with you when you get to the airport. Also, if you have extra needs like hearing aids or wheelchair storage, talk with the airline before your flight.